Friday, December 29, 2006

Nintendo Wii Tournament #1. Madden '07

So the first Nintendo Wii Tournament, (Virtual because it wont be head to head yet) will be In Madden '07 for the Nintendo Wii. Like I have mentioned before we will keep this really simple, so for the first contest the winner is the person with the highest possible score. Period. Any team, versus any team. Just take a picture and post it to the comments section. The last day to submit your picture and high score will be Jan 8 2007. We are still trying to work out the prize, but we are figuring on soemthing small, like 500 Wii points so you can pick up one of then new V. counsole games at the Wii store. Anyways have fun. Wii it up!
Wii G's

Edit at 4:pm Fri
Must have 15 min. Quarters.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Nintendo Wii Tournaments

This is a spot for Nintendo Wii tornaments that I will have. I guess they wont be traditional contests in these sense that it will be people sending in pictures of the screen or something along those lines, The first contest will be posted in the next 48 hrs, and will involve Madden 07! So get you football playing skills ready! Prizes will be small at first because we are just starting out, but will grow as the user base grows! Have fun, see you all in 2 days!

If anyone wants to give some feed back on any ideas for future Nintendo Wii tournaments we should run we are open to other suggestions!